Vegan Kabuki Brush
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Vegan Kabuki Brush
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Brand Qaler Cosmetic
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Experience the ultimate makeup application with our luxurious hexagon-shaped brush. Crafted from 100% man-made fiber hair, this brush delivers a streak-free finish every time, making it the perfect tool for achieving a flawless complexion.


  • Even coverage: Vegan Kabuki Brush are densely packed with bristles, which allows for even distribution of product. This means that you can achieve a smooth and flawless application of foundation stick, without any streaks or patches.

  • Easy to blend: Vegan Kabuki Brush have soft bristles that make blending foundation stick a breeze. The bristles are flexible and gentle, allowing you to blend the product seamlessly into your skin for a natural-looking finish.

  • Hygienic: Using a brush to apply foundation stick/liquid foundation can be more hygienic than using your fingers. The brush helps to minimize the transfer of bacteria and other impurities from your hands to your face.

  • Control: Kabuki brushes provide greater control over the amount of product you apply. You can build up coverage gradually, ensuring that you don't use too much or too little product.


Smooth and flawless makeup look with even application.

Whether you're a beauty guru or a beginner, our Vegan Kabuki Brush is sure to become your go-to for flawless makeup application.